About Wil

I engage in permanent education and have a degree in Real Estate (at the higher professional education level). In addition, I obtained the following degrees:

Listed in the Krmt register as a real estate agent — appraiser under no. 84071682


Being a real estate agent is the best job in the world! In the year 2000, I started my career in real estate. I worked at several renowned real estate agencies, each of which had the NVM badge (the NVM is the largest association of real estate brokers and appraisers in The Netherlands). Often, I was the real estate agent on the team who sold the most properties. Currently, I thoroughly enjoy working at @WORK Makelaardij, the best real estate brokerage firm with a modern office that highly values integrity, commitment, and honesty. I live in Barendrecht, and the Rotterdam housing market holds no secrets for me.

@WORK Makelaardij is the best real estate brokerage affiliated with the Vereniging Bemiddeling Onroerend Goed (real estate mediation association), or VBO, as a registered real estate agent — appraiser. The VBO stands for quality and integrity. To promote buyers’ interests, we fall under the supervision of the Geschillencommissie Makelaardij Consumentenmarkt (real estate consumer complaints board), which handles complaints and assesses them independently.


“We have had a very positive experience buying our first home with Wil Jansen as our broker. Wil is very knowledgable about the property market in Rotterdam and was able to negotiate a quick purchase on our behalf. Within a week of making an offer, we were able to sign the purchase agreement.”


Pleased to introduce myself to you….
I have been working as an estate agent in Rotterdam for six years now. What I like most about my work is that I meet many different people with different backgrounds.

Also, the variety of the real estate profession is very nice and diverse. From small flats to large mansions. There is always something new to discover in a city like Rotterdam.

My favourite place in Rotterdam is the Wilhelminakade because of the vibrant atmosphere, tall buildings and the ”New York effect”.

I started my training with the NVM-SOM and now I have also almost completed my training as a registered broker-appraiser.

The great thing about @Work Makelaardij is that with the enthusiastic team of Hugo, Wil and I, we are working every day to make people’s dreams of living come true. We do this every day with great pleasure and commitment.

Personal contact is a high priority for us!


The housing market has always interested me, which is why I decided to enter the world of brokerage more than seven years ago. You deal with different types of people and you are on the road a lot. As a result, you discover the nicest neighbourhoods and districts of Rotterdam and beyond. My motto is ‘Guide the client as you would want to be guided yourself’. It is a big step one takes in life and you want to be assisted well with that, so you can start a new phase without any worries. With an assertive and social personality, complemented by a good dose of humour, I am happy to help you buy your dream home or sell it. I always look for the best result. We are now the best rated agency in Rotterdam and The Hague and I am very proud to be part of that.

recently successfully completed the building inspector training (in 2021) to better inform prospective buyers about the condition of the property, its defects and expected necessary costs. Also read this blog on all the ins and outs of the building inspection.

Together with the entire team, you can be assured of an inexhaustible commitment to achieve the highest possible result for you in terms of purchase and sale price, but also to completely relieve you of any worries in this exciting process of buying and selling. To this end, we are available to our clients 7 days a week. Would you like to have a coffee together soon or schedule an appointment via video call?

We look forward to seeing you!