The best sales broker: a conversation with the expert who won the title!

Wie is de Beste Makelaar is the largest independent broker review platform in the Netherlands. Every year, it uses several factors to assess who truly deserves the title of ‘best broker.’ Examples include the ratings, the number of ratings received, the broker’s level of enthusiasm, the response time, and the extent to which a broker keeps their word. Creativity and market knowledge are also considered.  So, it’s quite the feat that @WORK Makelaardij has been named the best sales broker in Rotterdam!

“We were pretty overwhelmed,” says Wil Jansen, who’s a sales broker and a purchase broker. He’s proud of the title but stays down to earth about it. “If you ask me, you should just provide your customers with things like these,” he says. “That’s self-evident to me. We work very hard and fight for every euro. I sell each house as if it were my own.”

What does it mean to be ‘the best broker?’

“Nothing is too crazy for me,” says Wil, who has been in the real estate business for over 20 years. Enthusiasm seems to be part of his personality. “When others see a closed door, I see opportunities. You can be creative in every situation. If a property has defects, I don’t focus on them. Instead, I find a way to make the most of it. Sometimes, you have to push some boundaries. But in the end of the day, that results in high sales revenues.”

Time and again, Wil manages to get his customers the best deal. His ‘secret ingredients:’ a professional approach, a high level of commitment, and a ton of expertise. “I’m a man of my word,” he says. “I stick to agreements. Customers should really be able to rely on you. After all, selling a home is a huge project. Plus, this is how you build a reputation and a network — which are everything in this business. Furthermore, I make sure that I keep my knowledge up to date. I have a broad education, but I also follow developments closely — by taking training courses, but also by keeping a close eye on what’s happening in the market.”

A good broker is a local full-service broker

“Whatever task a customer deems important, I’ll take it on,” says Wil, who provides A-to-Z guidance. It’s safe to say he’s a local full-service broker: in Rotterdam and the surrounding area, Wil is known as a reliable real estate broker who receives lots of referrals from his peers. His genuine commitment doesn’t go unnoticed among customers, either. For example, happy customer Miranda de Vlieger writes the following on Google Reviews (translated from Dutch): “I’ve found a fantastic broker in Wil. He’s compassionate, sharp, and creative. And he thinks outside of the box. Briefly put, a man of our time, a new awareness.”

If you compare brokers to find the right broker, you’ll notice that Wil is not a budget broker. But the truth is, you shouldn’t want one. “I pull out all the stops because I receive a normal rate,” says Wil. “I go the extra mile for my customers. They get my full commitment: I use all my energy, knowledge, and skills to get them the best deal. If brokers are paid a very low rate, they usually won’t give great effort. They’ll cut corners. So if you want to make the best possible sale — well, don’t hold your breath. You may even miss out on a considerable amount of money!”

From ‘planning to sell your house’ to a sale: 2 essential basic principles for finding the best sales brokers

1. Don’t buy peanuts, but don’t buy caviar, either

Wil has made his point: if you buy peanuts, you get monkeys. So, in any case, don’t do that. But it’s usually not necessary to opt for the other extreme, either. “Sometimes, sellers hire the most expensive real estate broker agencies,” he says. “These agencies employ all kinds of experts, such as real estate agents and appraisers. Some sell both private and commercial real estate. You pay top dollar, but you don’t always get what you’re looking for: one broker who pulls out all the stops for you, is your single contact, and maintains personal communications with you. The thing is, these agencies are dealing with a long list of other houses and commercial real estate — and those properties don’t sell themselves. So, the brokers involved are mainly concerned with finding as many potential buyers as they can for all their projects. That means you’ll have to deal with different people.” In other words, if you opt for ‘caviar,’ you often pay a lot, only to get little attention.

2. The best brokers are committed and reliable

How to make a good sale? “Don’t cut back on brokerage,” Wil recommends. “That said, it’s not necessary to opt for the most expensive broker, either. Most of all, make sure you work with just one person — preferably a self-employed broker. Often, a small real estate broker agency is much more committed to you as a customer. It’s also important to work with a broker you’re on the same page with — someone who’s a good match. Do you trust this broker? Will they do anything to sell your house or apartment at the best possible price? You can ask several real estate broker agencies questions to determine these things for yourself. Many brokers offer a free valuation, so you can also opt for that to test the waters.”

Need a sales broker?

Feel free to contact @WORK Makelaardij. Wil and his co-workers are happy to discuss your opportunities.

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