Some Commonly Asked Questions When Buying a House in Rotterdam

Buying House In Rotterdam

Buying a home anywhere in the Netherlands can be overwhelming for first-time buyers. There may be lots of questions to be answered which require expert guidance. So we have compiled some common questions about buying Rotterdam houses for sale that can help you make informed decisions when buying your dream home.

When is The Right Time To Buy? Now Or After a Decline in Interest Rates?

There is nothing like good or bad timing when buying a home. The right time depends on whether you are ready with your budget to start the home-buying journey. Though the interest rates have risen recently, the current rate is still very low. Also, your financial and personal circumstances hold more weight in decision-making. But if you are unsure if it is an appropriate time to purchase Rotterdam houses for sale, consider the benefits of buying or renting the property, the effect of economic trends on the housing market, and your financial situation.

What is the Minimum Duration of Employment Needed for Mortgage Approval?

Mortgage approval in the Netherlands does not need any residency requirement. You only need a BSN number to apply for the mortgage. The mortgage application process starts with submitting documents like proof of income, assets, debts, and documents about the property.

Are Mortgage Terms Secured By a Specific Bank Partnership or Collaboration?

Independent mortgage brokerage firms do not get paid any commissions by the bank. Hence they ensure that home buyers get the best terms.

If Your Parents Are Giving You a Donation, What is the Maximum Amount They Can Give?

If you receive a gift from abroad, a donation may not be subjected to Dutch tax laws. If given by a non-resident who emigrated more than a year ago, no gift tax is due. Also, there is no gift tax due if the gift is transferred by someone who has never lived in the Netherlands.

Filing a tax return depends on various factors. If the donor is Dutch, the gift tax return should be filed even if they relocated overseas less than ten years ago. A tax file should also be filed if the gift is from a non-dutch citizen who has emigrated outside the Netherlands or never lived in the Netherlands.

What Documents Do You Require?

This can vary depending on the type of property you are purchasing. Usually, you need a valid passport or ID, bank statement, and proof of income. If you are using a mortgage, you will also require a Dutch social security number, or BSN, obtained from the Dutch tax office.

How to Calculate the Actual Value of the Property?

The best way to do this is to consult a home-buying specialist. These experienced agencies have built sophisticated models and tools to help you obtain the best estimates. You may also determine the actual value by conducting some research. The property sales data is publicly available on the Internet. You can compare the previously sold properties similar to the property that you would like to buy. You can also obtain the market value of the house.

Wrapping Up

Understanding the dynamic housing market in the Netherlands can be extremely helpful when buying a home in the Netherlands. Be well-prepared and have access to necessary information before making a deal.

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