Complete Guide To Getting a House on Mortgage In the Netherlands

house on mortgage netherlands

If you plan to buy real estate in The Hague, you have reached the right place, especially if you also need a mortgage. Read this article to learn all the requirements for buying a house in Den Hague, Netherlands and getting a mortgage.

The Netherlands does not have any special conditions for expat mortgages, but there are some basic requirements, you need to have a BSN, which is the citizen service number; you need to be living in the country for at least six months; you need a residence permit if you are not an EU/EEA citizen; and if you are moving in with your spouse, they should also live in the Netherlands. Some other conditions may also apply depending on your country of origin.

Getting a Mortgage With a Permanent Or Temporary Contract

If you have a permanent contract, you can easily apply for a mortgage to buy real estate in The Hague. But suppose you are on a temporary contract or work for a university as a researcher or Ph.D. student. In that case, you may only get a mortgage if your employer states that your position will become permanent soon.

Mortgage For Self-Employed Expats

Although it is a little difficult to get a Dutch mortgage if you are self-employed, as you will need at least three years of income history, which will be used to calculate your maximum mortgage based on your net profit. If they are decreasing, they will count your lower figure to calculate your mortgage.

Maximum Mortgage Value

Your mortgage value will depend upon your income and the market value of your house. Remember that you can get a mortgage up to 100% of the value of your home, but it can never be higher than the house’s market value, whatever may be the purchase price. But getting a 100% mortgage is insufficient to buy a home in the Netherlands. You also need savings since you will have to pay all the costs related to the house transfer as a buyer. All these purchasing and financing costs will come to about 3-6% of the purchase price of the new house.

What Will The Purchasing Costs Come To?

Property Transfer Tax includes paying the government a 2% tax on the purchase price. But there is an exemption for people aged 18-35, especially for first-time buyers, if the purchase price is under 400,000 euros. This tax applies to your partner’s house share if you buy with a partner. Investors should pay 8% of the property transfer tax.

Mortgage Advice Fee: You can get Hanno mortgage advice for a reasonable price.

Notary Fee: The notary fee for the transfer and mortgage contract will be about 1000 euros.

Appraisal or valuation costs: You may need an appraisal report for your mortgage at about 500 euros.

The costs for all these services are mandatory when buying property in the Netherlands, but they are tax-deductible. The prices for optional services like getting a structural survey or a real estate agent are not tax deductible.


Buying a house in the Netherlands is not difficult if you meet the laid down requirements for a mortgage. You can also take help from a real estate agent to learn more about the housing market and tips for negotiation and bidding.

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