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The Hague & Amsterdam: opt for a native Rotterdam real estate agent who knows the ropes!

‘Real estate Rotterdam:’ when you Google the term, you’ll get a myriad of results. How to see the forest for the trees? If you’re looking for a real estate brokerage agency Rotterdam who know the ropes, @WORK Makelaardij may be exactly what you need: a native from the city who knows the tricks of the trade and breaks with the traditional approach.

My name is Wil Jansen, and I’ll be happy to meet with you at your convenience. I usually work evenings and weekends, which means I’m always there for you. Creativity and commitment are key to me, and I like to communicate with my clients in an accessible, laidback way.

I’m a Den HaagUtrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam real estate agent who is always by your side. I’ve made sure we will both benefit from my well-considered rates. For example, you won’t pay for tasks you want to handle without me, and I only charge a brokerage fee if the results are good. 

Selling a house is more than putting it up on Funda. If you choose to work with @WORK Makelaardij to sell your real estate in Rotterdam, I will help you:

•    Post your ad on many other sales websites that attract lots of visitors
•    Seek out the most modern sales channels
•    Present your house in a perfect way using a unique 3D home restyling presentation and video
•    Schedule appointments during and outside business hours, which results in more appointments than you’ll get with other Rotterdam real estate agents.

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"We have had a very positive experience buying our first home with Wil Jansen as our broker. Wil is very knowledgable about the property market in Rotterdam and was able to negotiate a quick purchase on our behalf. Within a week of making an offer, we were able to sign the purchase agreement.”

Want to sell real estate in Rotterdam or The Hague ? Pick a real estate agent who understands your needs

Do you live in the Rotterdam area and have you decided to sell your house? If you join forces with @WORK Makelaardij, you’ll get to work with an experienced Rotterdam real estate agent with a stellar reputation in the city and environs. A personal approach is paramount to me: I work on an individual basis and won’t stop until we’ve reached your goal. 

In consultation with you, I’ll determine the best approach for selling your house. In doing so, I’ll consider all aspects of the sales process, which is usually complex. What will your sales price be? Does your current house still require any investments? What does an ‘increase in value’ entail? My experience, perseverance, and knowledge of the Rotterdam real estate market allow me to find the right approach for everyone.

What to expect from @WORK Real Estate?

•    Free consultation and appraisal
•    No cure, no pay: you’ll only have to pay me if I sell your house
•    Ad placement on websites that attract lots of visitors, including Funda
•    Ad placement on the most popular social media channels
•    Unique video presentation of your house
•    A very high number of house viewings
•    Guidance on house viewings (during evenings and on Saturdays, too)
•    A lot more

Briefly put, I’m a hands-on Rotterdam real estate agent who puts considerable time and energy in selling your house. The result: the ultimate selling price is nearly always higher than expected.

Get a free appraisal
“Wil has nothing but been a great help during the entire process. Without him I do not think I would have been able to navigate the complicated housing market of Rotterdam. He is very professional, always on the ball, very responsive and thoroughly professional. He has made my house buying experience seamless and a dream.”

The Hague real estate agent / Rotterdam real estate agent: don’t buy a lemon


Real estate: The The Hague's and Rotterdam’s offer are comprehensive, and it is far from easy to separate the wheat from the chaff. You want to buy a house, but you’ve encountered more than one setback. What to do? Well, hire me as your real estate agent. I’m professional and reliable, and I have extensive experience in the Rotterdam area.

Buying a house comes with a myriad of questions:
•    What’s your property truly worth?
•    What bid should you make?
•    Is the foundation safe or dangerous?
•    Can you overbid if your equity can’t cover the amount?

Perhaps you’ve already made a few bids, but they were rejected. Acting quickly is a must, especially today. When it comes to real estate in Rotterdam, I can tell you this: it’s not uncommon for one house to attract 30 to 40 potential buyers. That’s why you need a real estate agent who puts himself in your shoes and rolls up his sleeves to book the results you want.;

Why hire @WORK Makelaardij when buying a house in Rotterdam or The Hague?

I’m a real estate agent who understands your needs. The Rotterdam housing market is a jungle that’s difficult to navigate. I will act as your compass. I’ll provide you with A-to-Z guidance on house viewings, ask the right questions, and share professional advice on common square-meter prices, the principle of overbidding, and many other things.

It’s a lot easier for me to buy a house in Rotterdam successfully, because I’ve built a solid reputation as a real estate agent in the city in the past twenty years. As trust is paramount in our market, I’ll likely manage to buy your dream house — even if you’re not the highest bidder.

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Get a free home appraisal!

If you want to sell your house, the first step is to determine its value. @WORK Makelaardij offers a free appraisal of your property with no strings attached. This is a perfect way for you to familiarize yourself with my way of working. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. I’ll come by your house (on evenings or Saturdays, if that’s more convenient).
  2. I’ll determine the realistic market value of your house. In addition, I will consider current opportunities in the Rotterdam housing market and estimate how much time it will take to sell your house.
  3. I’ll give you tips on how to make your house more attractive to buyers.
  4. I’ll share information on sales opportunities.
  5. I’ll tell you all about our packages and brokerage fees.

Renowned trade organization VBO

@WORK Makelaardij is a member of the Vereniging Bemiddeling Onroerend Goed (real estate mediation association), or VBO, which stands for quality and integrity. It’s an active trade organization with more than 1,200 committed members. To be a member of VBO, real estate agents must have the right degrees, constantly keep their knowledge up to date, and be certified. Permanent education is mandatory, and every year, there are several information meetings. As a result, we stay abreast of the real estate and housing market, so we can offer the quality and services our clients expect.

VBO members have access to a database containing historical and topical housing information. This means a VBO real estate agent can provide you with solid, well-substantiated advice and has a stronger negotiation position. To promote clients’ interests, we fall under the supervision of the Geschillencommissie Makelaardij Consumentenmarkt (real estate consumer complaints board), which handles complaints and assesses them independently.  


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About @WORK

Wil Jansen: Real Estate Agent. Allround real estate agent since 2000. Registered in K-RMT register for real estate agents and appraisers, no. 84071682.

I am a modern real estate agent: I use the newest sales channels, anticipate quickly on changes in the industry, and am decisive. Most of the houses I sell are located in decent neighborhoods and are sold within a month above the asking price. I only sell a maximum of 15 houses at the time to be able to guarantee the best quality of service.

Do you have any questions about my services? Contact me via WhatsApp - it's easy, quick, and intimate. On working days I reply to your question within 30 minutes. Send me a message on: 0647166357 @WORK Real Estate.