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In Rotterdam, real estate is a complex business. If you have decided to sell your house, you’ll have to navigate the local housing market and handle a myriad of tasks. All you want is to sell your house as soon as possible — at the highest price. @WORK Makelaardij can help you achieve your goal.If you join forces with me, you’ll get to work with an experienced Rotterdam real estate agent with a stellar reputation in the city and environs. I’ll take the weight off your shoulders and go the extra mile for you. Throughout our collaboration, I will be 100% committed to selling your house!Together, we will determine the best sales app

Together, we will determine the best sales approach for your Rotterdam real estate property. In doing so, I will consider all aspects of the sales process, which is usually complex. What will your asking price be? How can we make it as favorable as possible? I extensively consider the opportunities in the current market. My experience as a real estate agent and knowledge of the Rotterdam housing market ensure that I can draft the best strategy.


Rotterdam houses for sale: custom buying packages

Option 1

(0.75% brokerage fee)

I’ll take care of all the things mentioned above, except the first house viewing of each potential buyer.

Option 2

(1.25% brokerage fee)

If you pick this option, I’ll take care of all tasks involved, including the first house viewings. You will take out a subscription, which means I’ll provide you with guidance on selling your next house, too.

Option 3

(1.5% brokerage fee)

Here, too, I’ll take care of all tasks involved. This option can be compared to what a traditional real estate agent offers — at a realistic brokerage fee. At the start of the selling process, I will also organize a quick viewing after business hours.

Option 4

(2.0% brokerage fee)

If you pick this package, you’ll get everything included in option 3, plus I will provide you with guidance on buying a new house.