Why Consider Buying A House In Den Haag?

house for sale den haag

Den Haag is a bustling city center and a perfect place to live. It is the third largest city in the Netherlands, home to the Dutch royals. A sandy coastline with different nationalities and more than 200 international organizations and NGOs makes it home to many residents. If you come across a house for sale in Den Haag, it would be best to grab this opportunity and make a place for yourself in this beautiful city. 

Although the city has never been granted city rights officially, it has a government and administration. It has a laid-back vibe where you can come home and enjoy family life and the beach with the convenience of a big city. There are many options to go out, and the facilities are quite impressive. The town is also enclosed by a national park on the northern and southern sides, National Park Hollandse Duinen, a protected natural habitat where you can walk and cycle. Let us see why you should consider buying a house as soon as you see a house for sale in Den Haag.

Diverse And Expat-Friendly

The Hague is 45- minutes away from Amsterdam. Around 10% of people who stay here come from abroad, and many restaurants offer various cuisines that suit your taste. The city is also home to one of the world’s largest outdoor markets. If you are an international worker, the big recruiters around the city, like Shell, can be a great advantage as these are present alongside the city’s own governmental institutions. 
Den Haag has more than 11 international schools, which reflects the city’s diversity. This can be a great perk for expats. Leiden University in Hague has hundreds of international students studying there, and The Hague’s University of Applied Sciences is another option for those looking for an education in this field.

Popular Neighborhoods

Most of the international schools in Den Haag offer attractive houses located in beautiful localities like the Statenkwartier, towards Scheveningen and the beach. These houses are very well-kept and impressive in terms of size, with luxurious bedrooms and high ceilings. You will get excellent quality for money. Some other popular neighborhoods of ex-pats include the Archipelbuurt, which has a village-like feel; Loosduinen, which is a family-oriented area near the southern part of the beach; Bezuidenhout, which has characteristic 1930s homes; and Leidschenveen, which is located near The British School in The Netherlands and has plenty of modern conveniences.

Take Help From a Real Estate Agent

Since Den Haag is the third priciest city in the country, a little help from a real estate agent can be great. A good property agent can help you find a home that suits your requirements and may also give you random advice about what to avoid. Moreover, the property market in Hague is booming. Another plus point is that all the agents know each other. Also, most people look at a house with their emotions, but the agent will be upfront about whether the place is right for you or not, and you can even approach them if any problems arise after you buy the house.

Summing Up

Den Haag has a unique appeal that draws many people to live there. Once you find your perfect home in the city, you will be very proud and protective about it while also flaunting your luxurious residence and locality to your friends and family.

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