Things to Know About Rotterdam Before Moving to the City
06 juli 2023

Are you planning to move to Rotterdam? That’s great news! But of course, you would need to purchase a house there or rent a property. Purchasing a house in Rotterdam can be a great idea as long as you have the best real estate agent by your side.

You can get a house for sale in Rotterdam in some of the best neighbourhoods. Before you decide to move to Rotterdam, or if you have already planned to see a few properties there, read this post as we share a little about the city. Let’s get started!

A Little Something About Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the second-largest metropolis in the Netherlands. There is a large working port here, and there are millions of people living here.

It’s a diverse metropolis, and the inhabitants come from different parts of the world. Most are foreign-born, and natives are about 49% of the population.

You will find Chinese people, Indonesians, Turkish, Japanese, Serbians, and Indians, but the larger part of them are Chinese, Indonesian, and Serbian. So, most of the people you find here are ex-pats, and they move to Rotterdam for business and sometimes better job opportunities.

That’s why Rotterdam has a diverse population, and adjusting to the city won’t be a problem because you find all cuisines in the restaurants around here.

What’s the Climate Like in Rotterdam?

The climate around Rotterdam is much like the rest of the Netherlands. It has a temperate oceanic climate. Since it is near the coast, the temperature is slightly mild. The normal temperature is about 17 degrees Celsius, but it may reach 22 degrees Celsius.

The winter season sees a drop in temperature, but it does not go to minus many times. The average is about 3 to 4 degrees Celsius. The summer season sees a bit of rain. However, April is a dry month. Overall, it is quite pleasant in Rotterdam.

Getting a Visa for the Netherlands

If you are an EU citizen, you will not need a visa to enter Rotterdam or the country in general. But if you plan to stay in the city for more than three months, you need a residence permit.

Non-EU citizens have to apply for a visa before they arrive in Rotterdam. If you have a job in Rotterdam, the employer will get it fixed for you. If you have been living in Rotterdam for five temperature drop but years or more, you can get permanent residency by applying for it.

Summing Up

Since you are new to the country and the city, you should know the basics. Whether you are a non-resident or a resident of the EU, you can purchase a house or rent one, but make sure only a legit real estate agent helps you out.


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