Know This Before You Buy a House in Utrecht as an Expat

Buy a House in Utrecht as an Expat

Utrecht is located right in the middle of the Netherlands, which makes it a conventional hub and an ideal city to live in. If you do not want the busy Amsterdam life, Utrecht is your best option to find a home. So, if you are considering finding Utrecht houses for sale, here is some helpful information.

The city of Utrecht is small, and the housing market is seriously overheated. Heaven, it is advised that you engage a realtor who can find the best Utrecht houses for sale and support you with the purchase process, from looking for a suitable property to negotiating as well as handling the process. If you wish to buy a house in Utrecht, you do not have to be a resident of the Netherlands. You can buy a house immediately to save money and equity. However, you may run into issues if you need a mortgage. Sellers prefer buyers who have a permanent contract at a Dutch company as it is more likely that the person will pay off the mortgage.

Here are some important things to remember about the negotiation process.

  • Keep in mind that the seller determines the price of the house in consultation with the realtor. Though the buyer can negotiate the price, it is determined by the seller and applies to everything the seller sees as important. Hence, it is the seller who decides the terms on which he sells his house.
  • If the seller makes a counteroffer, you are only in negotiation. Sometimes, the seller may also carry on with the viewing while negotiations take place, as the first bidder is often not the best one.
  • The realtor can change the way a house is to be sold while the negotiations are going on. In this case, either party can end the negotiations. It is often difficult to determine who is the best buyer as there are too many people interested in a property, all of which offer nearly the asking price. In such cases, the selling realtor may decide to break off the ongoing negotiations and also change the bidding system. The relator may also choose a tender process so that all bidders have an equal chance to make the highest offer.
  • The highest legal authority in Utrecht has determined that if one offers the asking price from an advert, he is making an offer. Hence, the asking price is regarded as an invitation to make an offer, and the seller can still decide whether he wants to accept the offer or get his realtor to make a counteroffer.
  • Remember that the seller can raise the asking price of a property during negotiations. Parties often make offers and counter offers. So, if a potential buyer makes an offer different from the seller than the previous offer, the seller expires. This means that even if the parties are getting closer to the deal, the seller may suddenly decide to raise the counteroffer, and the buyer may, in turn, lower his offer.


It is also suggested that you find out about the lease conditions and procedures before you consider buying a house in Utrecht. Therefore, it would be best if you contact a real estate agent to get the best house and the best deal in Utrecht.

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